Valium Addiction Side Effects

Valium Addiction Side Effects

Valium is a drug that falls in the category of depressants for the central nervous system. It functions as sedative hypnotic in which case it slows down the functioning of the brain. It usually treats individuals with sleeping disorders or anxiety by producing a drowsy or calming effect. This category of drugs is also known as benzodiazepines.

These drugs are used in the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks as well as acute reactions from stress when used in normal doses. However, when it is used in relatively higher doses, these drugs are used as anesthetics. One thing that you will note therefore is that the drug is prescribed by medical practitioners.

It is imperative that you acknowledge that the drug is not really addictive when it is taken for a short period of time. However, when it is taken for longer periods, an individual would become chemically dependent on the drug in which case they would not be in a position to function properly unless they take the pills.

In the initial stages of taking the drug, the individual would experience sleepiness or drowsiness as well as impaired coordination of the arms. These feelings will however fade away as the effects are slowly reduced in the body. With continued usage of the drug, the body builds up tolerance. This therefore implies that the individual would not feel the calmness that they used to initially if they use the initial dosages of the drug.

Valium Addiction Side Effects

In this case, the individual would have to increase the dosage in order to have the initial effect. Alternatively, they could increase the frequency of taking the drug. It is imperative that an individual seeks medical attention when they start experiencing dependency on the drug so they can be advised on the best way to deal with the anxiety.

Valium addiction comes with a number of side effects, which in most cases are plain to the eye. The effects pertaining to the central nervous system include weakness of the muscles or listlessness, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, vertigo, tremor, slurred speech, headache, dysarthria and even confusion.

There are other side effects of valium addiction, which include double vision, changes in their salivation and difficulty in passing of urine. In addition, they will have problems controlling their bowel or bladder. Psychiatric effects would also be experienced in the initial stages including nightmares, sleep disturbances, rage, hallucinations, insomnia, increased spasticity of the muscles, irritability, agitation, anxiety, restlessness and stimulations. Other side effects in the same category include psychoses, delusions and states of severe hyper-excitement.

Characteristic to all benzodiazepines, the individual may start exhibiting inappropriate behavior as well as other unpleasant. These individuals would definitely not be very much concerned about their appearance especially children. At this time, the individual should discontinue taking the drug. This drug also has adverse effects on the mental judgment and therefore the individuals should not drive or operate machinery.

These effects would be more pronounced if the individual takes alcohol. It is important that the individuals do not stop taking the drug by their own accord. Visiting a medical practitioner 800-303-2482 would be imperative to allow monitoring of the program.

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