Signs of Valium Addiction

Signs of Valium Addiction

Valium addiction is a very common problem in the recent times. This is a drug falling in a class of medicines called benzodiazepines. These drugs are used to calm or depress the central nervous system, thus very similar to alcohol. They were actually very much preferred to other classes of drugs like meprobamate and barbiturates since they were thought of as non-habit forming.

Valium has been used in taking care anxiety disorders and especially as a short-term relief for anxiety. In addition, it is used in relieving acute withdrawal symptoms pertaining to alcohol, relieving spasms in the skeletal muscles, relaxing tight and aching muscles and treating convulsive disorders as well as in the control of involuntary movements in the hands.

As pertaining to acute withdrawal symptoms pertaining to alcohol, valium offers symptomatic relief for tremor, acute or impeding delirium tremens, agitation as well as hallucinations. This drug is also used as an optional extra before endoscopic procedures especially when there are severe stress reactions or anxiety.

Signs of Valium Addiction

Like all benzodiazepines, the addiction occurs due to rebound effect pertaining to the drug. In this case, the user would acquire chemical dependency to the drug. Although addiction occurs to individuals who cannot follow the prescriptions guidelines, they really cannot be blamed since the drug is habit forming. In this case, the individual will find themselves having to take more than is prescribed or even increase the frequency of taking the drug.

With increase in the usage of the drug, the individual will find it more difficult to operate without taking the drug. In addition, stopping taking the usage may come with intense cravings for the drug and even make the individual feel ill both physically and emotionally.

There are various signs that will point at valium addiction. As stated, the individual will feel like taking the drug more often. They will also fail in their attempts to cease the usage of the drug.

The most common signs of valium addiction include slurred speech, drowsiness, impaired coordination of the arms, confusion, impaired memory, low blood pressure, dizziness, depression, slowed breathing as well as nausea. These signs will definitely vary with the level of addiction and therefore different individuals may exhibit varying signs.

It would be important to acknowledge that as much as the individual with the addiction may want to leave the drug, doing that without the proper guidance of a medical practitioner would not only be detrimental to their health but could also have fatal consequences. In this case, consulting a medical practitioner would be imperative, as they will take you through gradual reduction of the drug intake.

One thing that you would note is that for individuals who have taken the drug for a long time, there may be a delay in the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. However, for those who have not used the drug for long, the withdrawal symptoms will begin immediately after they have taken their last dose.

Treatment is best offered in a rehab facility 800-303-2482, in which case, professionals will be monitoring the development of the individual as well as how they are responding to the programs. Detoxification process for the valium is offered in the rehab as well as specialized therapy.

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